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David Flynn is heavily invested in Snohomish. He will strive to see the city flourish as it welcomes everyone.  

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About David

David is a long-time Snohomish resident with deep roots in the community. In addition to being a downtown business owner and resident, Mr. Flynn and his wife Valerie have four children (Contessa, Jack, Henry, and Molly). Molly is still enrolled at Emerson (Go Tigers).

From coaching youth football and being a little league umpire, to hosting exchange students and cleaning parks, David values contributing to the community. He also has an abiding love of the arts which permeate his life. He is committed to keeping Snohomish economically and envoronmentally healthy as well as artistically beautiful.

Though an entrepreneur at heart, in his spare time David and his family also explore their more creative sides. Val is an accomplished potter, and each of their children has become artists in their own right. David practices standup comedy, watercolor painting, and has a passion for cooking.

About David