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David Flynn is heavily invested in Snohomish. He will strive to see the city flourish as it welcomes everyone.  

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David's Experience

David Flynn began life in Costa Mesa California in 1967.   Always optimistic and inquiring as a child, David’s broad intelligence and curiosity began to show almost immediately. He quickly became an honor student while studying a wide spectrum of subjects and interests in and out of public school.  Those formative years have guided his “broad view” approach ever since.  

The result of David’s inquisitiveness has been an abundance of training and credentials in subjects ranging from writing and teaching English as a second language (TESOL) to Army Corps QCM and OSHA30 design regulations.  Few have studied more broadly than David.

His insatiable desire for learning has since served David in many capacities starting with his first business adventure in artistic rug manufacturing at the ripe old age of 19.  That business is still in operation today. This early success allowed him to express his art talent while gaining entrepreneurial skills, and David has since flourished in both.  

Mr. Flynn’s next adventure was a marketing firm focused on brand identity in the municipal and educational markets.  There he quickly learned government procedures and contracts as well as operations, in short order becoming an indispensable part of numerous teams.  David is a fast learner who understands nuances, and naturally becomes a key positive force wherever he applies his many talents.

Notable Customers and Projects:

  • Naval Station Bremerton
  • Naval Station Everett
  • University of Washington 
  • Washington State University
  • City of Everett Courthouse
  • City of Tacoma Courthouse
  • City of Seattle Courthouse
  • King County Metro
  • Washington State Convention Center
  • Sound Transit
  • Sno Isle Libraries
  • Seattle Public Library
  • Comcast Arena
  • Dream Works Studios

Volunteer History:

  • HDSA (Historic Downtown Snohomish Association)
  • Snohomish Women and Children’s Shelters
  • Snohomish Little League
  • Snohomish Junior Football
  • Everett Gospel Mission volunteer
  • HOA President 
  • Flynn