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David Flynn is heavily invested in Snohomish. He will strive to see the city flourish as it welcomes everyone.  

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David's Priorities

Respect the Community

Together we make better decisions

  • When the community speaks, we on council must have open ears and open hearts.
  • Make sure the community understands the nuances and long term ramifications of decisions so we can make the best choices together.
  • Ensure Snohomish works to be welcoming to everyone.

Affordable and Sensible Housing

Home is the center of our lives

  • Continually revisit the city’s zoning codes to provide appropriate density for our citizens housing needs.
  • Ensure the natural environment is being protected while developing the land.
  • Focus on sustainability while implementing new practices to streamline processes and procedures.

Transparency and Communication

We will thrive when we are all heard

  • Ensure the community has a voice in their city's future.
  • Enlist citizens to take part in government to best understand our choices.
  • The job of council is to hear what the community wants, and make sure constituents understand what they are doing.

Public Safety

Citizen safety must be our highest priority

  • Make certain our city has robust communication and plans between our government, our law enforcement, and fire departments serving our city.
  • Enlist citizens to actively take part in life safety of all kinds, and provide additional opportunities for citizens to learn these skills.
  • Continue to improve traffic and building safety through code examination and road projects.

Small Business

Business is the lifeline of the community

  • Assist small business in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Work with County Council and our State Legislators to promote Snohomish visitors and attain stimulus funding wherever possible.
  • Provide responsible and sustainable public infrastructure to grow downtown businesses.


Protect our home on a balanced budget

  • Fund maintenance and upgrades of our waterways, parks and trails to make sure they are available for our children.
  • Ensure projects and policies promote sustainability in every area. Our environment cannot be sacrificed.
  • Invite citizens to become more involved in sustainabiliy processes and projects. We are all stewards of our beautiful surroundings.